Writing in February? Practise Exam Could Help

A new online resource from a familiar name could help paralegal Candidates to feel more confident and prepared as they head into the examination room. Emond Montgomery Publications, widely regarded as one of Canada’s leading academic law publishers, has developed a timed practise exam for paralegal Candidates. It includes 60 questions that mimic the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam.

“Not only did it help me, it also made a big difference to know that I can take a prep test from a source I trust. Thank you very much for making this available.”

~ Paralegal Licensing Exam Candidate

Reflecting the format and content of the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam, the online practise exam assesses a student’s knowledge of the Paralegal Rules of Professional Conduct, Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines, the Law Society Act and By-Laws, and the Bookkeeping Guide for Paralegals.

More than 90% of Candidates who offered feedback after the August examination said the EMP practise exam was helpful. “Taking the test helped me focus my studying on areas I wasn’t too sharp on, and calmed my nerves,” said one who used the tool to prepare.

EMP’s resource includes questions that assess knowledge in core areas, including professionalism, ethics and practice management, and test the Candidate’s ability to apply those in various practical scenarios.

The exam includes a timer, so Candidates can see how long it took to answer the 60 questions. This lets Candidates track their progress, and offers a benchmark for how quickly they need to answer questions during the Licensing Examination. Correct answers, with an explanation and connection to the Rules that apply, are provided for each question.

Candidates can access their results, review the answer explanations, and re-take the 60 practise questions, as many times as they want, up until the date of the exam.

    Reputation, Trust, Value

Emond Montgomery has been in business since 1978, providing law school casebooks and paralegal texts to students across Canada. Students registered in accredited paralegal programs are likely to be already familiar with EMP’s quality resources. The publisher also offers exam preparation support for legal accreditation in Ontario, including practise exams for the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor exams.

Additional resources and preparation materials are being added, so check their current offerings to see what’s new.

Learn more about the practise exam at Emond Montgomery’s Exam Prep page.



  1. Heather MacDonald · ·

    For those of us who are registering in October to write in 2015, we will be writing a new exam for which the current practice tests will be less than useful. This exam is expected to be composed of substantive law as well as ethics – we don’t know at the moment what else may be included.

    Part of the problem with some negative perception of paralegals here in Ottawa relates to competence-the licensing exam has, until now, been a fairly straightforward ethics test and not much more. Easy to pass.

    It was inevitable that LSUC would get around to changing the exam for the next crop of paralegals wanting a license; therefore, it would be of great service to us if we were able to (eventually) access information which would be helpful for the new exam.

    No doubt there will be prep courses springing up to meet this need – one only hopes that we will be able to take advantage of some practice information before the exam periods begin in 2015.

    Thanks for an informative publication,

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thank you for your comment, and for the important point you have made about the upcoming changes to the Paralegal Licensing exam. We are aware that the LSUC will be changing the content of the Paralegal Licensing examination in 2015 to test substantive knowledge as well as ethics and professionalism. We will therefore be creating an expanded practice exam to reflect the new competencies. Be sure to check the website for updates.

      All the best,

      Emond Exam Prep

  2. I used this resource for my Exam in August and it was very helpful!!If your a nervous test taker then I highly recommend this exam prep.

    1. Thanks Anthony! So glad to hear it was helpful to you.

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