Who Will Lead After Conway?

Treasurer Thomas Conway, LSUC

Treasurer Thomas Conway, LSUC

One of three benchers will become the 65th Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Current Treasurer Tom Conway’s term ends in June. Treasurers can serve two one-year terms.

Two sections of law govern Treasurer elections: the LSUC’s by-law 6 and S. 25 (1) of the Law Society Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L.8.

Under s. 25 (3) (b), elected Benchers who provide legal services — in other words, paralegal benchers — are entitled to vote at Convocation, to vote for Treasurer and to run for the Treasurer, if two voting-entitled Benchers nominate them.

The three Treasurer nominees are: Raj Anand, Christopher Bredt and Janet Minor. The Treasurer is elected by secret ballot by the benchers of the Law Society, including the five paralegal benchers.

The election will take place at Convocation on June 26, 2014.

Photo: lawyersweekly.ca

Photo: lawyersweekly.ca

Raj Anand has served as Chair of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

First elected a bencher in 2007, Anand expressed an interest in the “urgent task” of paralegal regulation. He served on the Equity Advisory Group since 2000. He has been Vice-Chair of the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee, as a bencher.

A partner with WeirFoulds LLP, Anand practises in the areas of human rights, constitutional and administrative law, labour relations, civil litigation, professional negligence and discipline. Anand has acted as counsel to various administrative tribunals. In 2003, he was awarded the Law Society Medal.

Photo: blg.com

Photo: blg.com

Chris Bredt has been a bencher since 2008.

He is a senior litigation partner in the Toronto office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. Bredt practises civil litigation, including, constitutional, Aboriginal and administrative law issues. Bredt has appeared before all levels of the courts in Ontario, and before the Federal Court of Appeal, British Columbia Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, and numerous administrative tribunals.

Bredt serves as Co-Chair of the LSUC Audit & Finance Committee, Vice-Chair of the Appeal Panel, and is a member of the Priority & Planning Committee. He is a trustee of the Law Commission of Ontario.

Photo: utoronto.ca

Photo: utoronto.ca

Janet Minor is General Counsel with the Ministry of the Attorney General, in its Constitutional Law Branch.

First elected to Convocation in 2001, Minor has served on committees that include: Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee, Professional Development and Competence Committee (current Chair), Treasurer’s Advisory Group on Access to Justice (TAG), the Governance Task Force and the Tribunals Committee, Hearing and Appeal Panel.

Minor has said that ensuring that ensuring competent paralegals are available in well-defined areas of work is a priority for Convocation. Minor is a trustee of the Law Foundation of Ontario and sits on the board of the Ontario Justice Education Network. In 2010, she was awarded the Ontario Bar Association’s Tom Marshall Award.

The Treasurer chairs Convocation, which functions as the board of governors of the Law Society. Conway was acclaimed Treasurer in June 2012.

Staff and day-to-day operations are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer (Robert Lapper) and the senior management team.

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  1. Technically, paralegals do provide “legal services”, and yes, it is true that 5 paralegals sit as Benchers and will be voting for the Treasurer. However, I think that the possibility of a paralegal – treasurer is still premature (@ least for the time being). I think that the lawyers will still vote for a lawyer – treasurer. It is a big step that we have 5 Benchers. In the fullness of time, as paralegals become increasingly accepted and recognized we will see the first paralegal – treasurer. The only question is who & when.,

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