What Do These Numbers Mean?: 4, 200, 17,700

Breaking it down

Breaking it down

In four months, Paralegal SCOPE Magazine has published 200 posts and has been viewed by nearly 17,700 readers.

About 3,000 people read SCOPE in its first month, and some 5,600 in June — with July well on its way to setting another record for reaching readers.

Reliable, quality writing and reporting on a range of subjects that matter to paralegals, attracts more than 1,000 readers each week. These discerning legal professionals, candidates, ancillary professions and potential clients have embraced SCOPE as the only source of news, features and information related to the profession.

One-of-a-kind reportage of Convocation, professional associations, Continuing Professional Development, legislative affairs, resources, leading cases and networking opportunities are among the articles SCOPE readers find most useful. With 76 categories and more than 600 unique “tags,” search engines lead readers to SCOPE content on what affects them most.

SCOPE was first in the legal online publishing community to report on the Lippa Decision, with reaction and highlights from the Decision that afternoon — the same day we covered Convocation on behalf of paralegals. That article, and coverage of the LSUC AGM, are among the most-read content, demonstrating one reason SCOPE so quickly became the go-to source for all things paralegal.

SCOPE readers continue to click on links in amazing numbers, taking them to court decisions, sign-up pages for products and services, Law Society information, official publications, other news sources, the websites of contributors and commenters, and related content within SCOPE.

Paralegals and instructors make requests for one of the most popular new features at SCOPE, the Legal Word of the Day. The most-popular Word so far came from one such suggestion: “Sophistry.”

Building connections and links within the paralegal community is what keeps SCOPE strong and growing.

A new page allows readers to learn more about our contributors, in one place. Listed under About, the Contributors page continues to grow, as the best writers in the paralegal community find time to lend their voices and skill.

Thank you SCOPE readers, supporters, contributors and sponsors.

– Elizabeth LeReverend, Paralegal, Publisher