Watch for New Photo ID


A recent option for verifying client ID is making it easier for Ontarians to access legal services.

Ontario residents over 16, who do not drive, can apply for the $35 Ontario Photo Card. It is valid for verifying client identification and other day-to-day business activities that require official photo ID, such as opening a bank account.

To apply, a client would need to complete an application form and bring original identity documents to prove legal name, date of birth and signature, to a ServiceOntario centre. Delivery takes 4-6 weeks.

The card must be renewed every five years. Security features in the card help to prevent fraud and identity theft.

Ontarians with disabilities, seniors and other advocacy groups provided input on the design and availability of the card. Approximately 1.5 million Ontarians aged 16 years and over do not have a valid driver’s licence.

Responding to requests from Ontario’s Public Health Units and the Ontario Convenience Store Association, the ID now includes an age identifier for those under 19, so retailers will easily know the age of a person buying alcohol or tobacco or trying to enter a casino.

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