Wanted: Outstanding Judgment Debtors


As a legal service provider with several decades of experience, Dougall Grange knows all too well how difficult judgment enforcement can be.

With that in mind, he has created Public Executions Inc., a new web-based service that allows for the publication of un-enforced judgments, together with information identifying the judgment debtors involved.

After seven years of planning, the site is in its final stages. Grange needs beta-testers and he’s hoping his fellow paralegals are willing to put in “a little bit of effort” to help put the finishing touches on the fee-based service.

“The purpose of this site is to allow un-enforced judgments to be published on the internet, together with information identifying your judgment debtors,” Grange says. “The process is modelled on filing a writ with the sheriff in Ontario but will be available Canada-wide,” while the business is based in Newmarket. Registrants can even offer a “reward for information” as part of the service.

Registering a judgment requires a sworn affidavit that the judgment real and outstanding. The data is based on publicly available documents, Grange points out. “It is important that this site become known as a source of reliable information. I really think there is a place for this company and service within the fabric of the legal world.”

During the beta-testing phase, Grange is looking for paralegals to put judgments up for free, in exchange for feedback. Judgments that are put up during the beta
testing phase will remain up as if they had been paid for. He also offers introductory pricing for licensees.

“The sole purpose of the website is to motivate judgment debtors to pay, and encourage those with relevant information that could lead to an enforcement action to share,” Grange says.


Dougall Grange
President and CEO
Public Executions, Inc.


(905) 853-2404

Public Executions

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