Two women named to Court of Appeal

Image: Justicia

Image: Justicia

Two replacements on the Ontario Court of Appeal are among federal government appointments announced this week.

The new Court of Appeal judges are justices Gladys Pardu and Mary Lou Benotto. Hon. Justice Pardu replaces Justice Robert Sharpe, who moved to supernumerary status in July. She has been a judge since 1991. Hon. Justice Benotto replaces Justice Robert Blair, who also became a supernumerary judge earlier this year. Hon. Justice Benotto has been on the bench since 1996.

Madam Justice Pardu was appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice, General Division, in 1991. She presided in Sault Ste. Marie, where she was administrative judge for 10 years until her transfer to the Toronto Region in 2008. She co-wrote a 2011 report that made recommendations for the administration of criminal trials.

Madam Justice Pardu has presided in every judicial region in Ontario. She is a member of the Rules Committee (Rules of Civil Procedure) and a past director of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association.

Madam Justice Benotto was appointed a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice, General Division, in 1996 and presided in Toronto. She was Senior Justice of the Family Court for Ontario from 2001 until 2005, and has been assigned to long criminal trials since 2005. Hon. Justice Benotto has written several textbooks on income tax law, family law, court forms and matrimonial and domestic contracts.

The government appointed or promoted seven women, as it named six new judges and elevated five members of the bench to various appeal courts across the country.

A supernumerary judge has the option to retire, but chooses instead to sit half of the time.

Other judicial appointments were announced in October.

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