Towing, Storage Parking-Ticket Fees Start Feb. 5


Toronto drivers have until Feb. 5 to deal with parking tickets or face new penalties under a City policy change.

Police were already permitted to tow any illegally parked vehicles, but in most cases, vehicles were only ticketed.

The new policy will encourage police to tow more often, with specific guidelines. If an offender’s vehicle already has three or more unpaid and undisputed parking tickets, the illegally parked vehicle will be automatically towed, if it has been at least 120 days since the last parking offence.

Drivers will face a towing fee of up to $200 and a daily storage fee of up to $81. The City phased-in the new system, to give drivers time to clear their existing parking tickets.

Vehicles with disability permits will not be towed, but owners will be subject to denial of new licence plates and other fine collection methods.




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  1. It is worth mentioning that the increased fee for parking illegally during the extended rush hour went up to $150 kicked in Jan 23, 2014. If you decide to go to trial, you either win or pay the full $150 – there will not be a fee reduction just for showing up in court anymore.

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