Toronto POA Case Lookup Goes Live


Paralegals can now check the status of cases on-line, with access to the province’s court record system, ICON.

Provincial Offences Act Part I and Part III matters are available with Court Case Look Up. It displays charges filed in the Toronto Provincial Offences Court.

City of Toronto’s Court Services Division, with the support of the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Business Solutions Branch, developed the Court Case Look Up application. Paralegals can check the current status of any City of Toronto Provincial Offences case. The system adheres to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation.

Access the service through the City of Toronto website.

To search a case, enter either the court location code (4860, 4862, 4863 & 4866) and the 8-digit ticket number, and the first three characters of the defendant’s surname or company name. Alternatively, input the full court case file number and first three characters of the defendant’s surname or company name.

Court Case Look Up displays:

Case Status Information

  • Whether the case as Complete or Active (incomplete), or subject to a Publication Ban
  • Whether the matter is in default and enforcement action has commenced
  • If this is a new case and no action has been taken

Payment and/or Fine Information

  • The total amount of fine owing;
  • The actual due date of the fine
  • Payment flags
  • Whether same-day payment was received on the City’s Web Payment system.

Court Appearance / Event

  • Court activity, and the type of appearance (Trial, Early Resolution Meeting, etc.)
  • Scheduled court date, time, room and court location
  • Interpreter language requested, and/or if proceedings will be in French
  • The last court action (Adjourned, Sentenced, Withdrawn)
  • Disposition of the sentence, if any

Provincial Offences Act Information:


  1. does anyone know when it gets updated? is it daily?

  2. Tracey Gauley · ·

    Great article, great summary.

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