Top 10 Paralegal Things to Cheer About


Cathy Corsetti, Chair of the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC), presented her “2013 Paralegal Top-10 List” at the LPA/PSO Holiday Party, Dec. 6 in Toronto.

Here are the items she says we all can be grateful for:

#10 – The PSO and LPA.

    For joining together to host this Holiday Party, and for all the other work they have done for their members throughout 2013. Networking, advocating and educating, by offering CLE programs. Just imagine what can be accomplished as the Ontario Paralegal Association (OPA)!

#9 – The second Law Society Distinguished Paralegal Award was presented in 2013, to Elaine Page.

    I want to encourage members of the LPA and PSO to nominate members of your organizations. The deadline for nominations is January 31. Please go to the Law Society website for more details and get in your nominations. There is no shortage of distinguished paralegals.

#8 – That paralegals are now automatically commissioners of oaths.

#7 – Law Society Referral Service (LSRS) now includes paralegals.

    Not only does this help paralegals get clients, but what I think is most important is that the service educates the public about what paralegals can do. An interesting statistic: the LSRS received 3,467 calls asking for a referral to a paralegal. That means 3,467 members of the public now have the phone number of a paralegal. That is great news.

#6 – Robert Lapper, who is the CEO for the Law Society, and his staff at the Law Society.

    Lapper and the LSUC staff truly understand the needs of paralegals. They work together with the PSC, the PSO and LPA, to advocate on our behalf.

#5 – We can be thankful for the students and the new paralegal licensees.

    Those who have recently joined this exciting new profession bring their enthusiasm to help develop the future of our profession. We are now more than 5,500 strong!

#4 – The fee increase for paralegals in 2014 is: ZERO.

#3 – The second-ever election for the Paralegal Standing Committee.

    The election will take place in March 2014. Make sure you exercise your right to vote, so your voice can be heard through your new committee!

#2 – Attorney General, the Honourable John Gerretsen.

    What a supporter of our profession, and for Bill 111. We would have liked more, but what a great start!

#1 – The Number One thing that paralegals are thankful for: our family, our friends, and especially our paralegal family.

    The friendship we show our colleagues on a daily basis, whether exchanging a story of what happened at court, grabbing a coffee, holding a matter down, mentoring a new licensee and, particularly, helping a colleague who is in need due to an unexpected illness or tragedy. I have witnessed this on many occasions. It makes me very proud of our profession.


Cathy Corsetti has announced her intention to run for a second term, in the Paralegal Standing Committee election. She is president and co-founder of Corsetti Paralegal Professional Corporation and Associates.


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  1. Angela Browne · ·

    Thank you, Cathy! I want to let you know I appreciate the hard work you have put in on behalf of our profession and those we serve over the past several years. Kudos to you and to others who are bringing this profession along!

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