Three Months, 12 Questions


Revelations brought to light after voting began led many paralegals to hold-off registering their five votes. As the only source of unbiased information for voters, SCOPE’s weekly Q&A gave voters and others a chance to learn more about the candidates.

Written by Candidates who support professional-quality media for our profession, this information allows paralegals to become more familiar with the issues facing the profession. Here are all 12 Q&As:

Question 1:
Which governance decisions from the past four years have affected paralegals the most?

Question 2:
How can the Paralegal Standing Committee be effective, given that only five members are paralegals?

Question 3:
The licensing exam is being updated. How will this affect the profession?

Question 4:
How do the different roles of the professional associations and the PSC fit together, and how do you see that relationship evolving over the next four years?

Question 5:
A legal professional “… accepts individual responsibility for personal ethics but also a collective responsibility for ensuring that the profession as a whole discharges its role appropriately and ethically.” – “Elements of Professionalism,” Chief Justice of Ontario Advisory Committee on Professionalism.

Are paralegals living up to this standard? What can the paralegal PSC members do, to encourage professionalism?

Question 6:
Convocation functions as the LSUC “board of directors.” What business and personal experiences will allow you to be effective on a large board?

Question 7:
Do any of your current work, personal or volunteer activities pose a potential conflict of interest with the PSC and Convocation? Should PSC Candidates deal with their conflicts during the campaign, rather than after the election?

Question 8:
Paralegal benchers may be asked to serve on working groups, panels and committees, in addition to the Paralegal Standing Committee. What special skills and experience would you bring to Convocation committees?

Question 9:
What makes you unique, as a Candidate? What sets you apart?

Question 10:
What is the appropriate role for paralegals, in the provision of legal services in Ontario?

Question 11:
It’s March, 2018. Looking back on your PSC term, what are you most proud of?

Question 12:
Are there any statements or comments made by you or your supporters during the campaign, which you want to clarify? Anything said or written about you, that you want to address?


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