The Queen in Right? Wrong!

Image: 'Confusion' by Adi Ron

Image: ‘Confusion’ by Adi Ron

Her Majesty the Queen’s application before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has been dismissed.

In a July 25 decision, Tribunal Vice-chair David Muir agreed with counsel for Pro Bono Law Ontario, that the application — from a man who had legally changed his name recently, to “Her Majesty the Queen” — had no reasonable prospect of success.

“The applicant can point to no evidence which would tend to support his claim of discrimination on the basis of disability or association with a member of a protected group,” Muir found.

Pro Bono had refused to assist with a civil claim for outstanding wages as the Monarch. Queen said the refusal was a denial of service based on a disability, that of mental disability.

Muir found:

    It is agreed that the applicant was advised by the Executive Director of the respondent that they could not assist him because his claim had no reasonable prospect of success and being a charitable institution with limited resources it could not assist every applicant for its services.

The case is indexed as the Queen v. Pro Bono Law Ontario, 2014 HRTO 1092 (CanLII)

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