Thank You, Readers! SCOPE is Six Months Old

Photo: Josh Wickerham

Photo: Josh Wickerham

Seasons come and seasons go, but Paralegal SCOPE Magazine continues to hold its own.

Just last spring, the online magazine went live, quickly making its mark and generating a loyal following. Before SCOPE, no single source of journalistic quality, unbiased and reliable information existed for P1 licensees. Now we have an impartial publication that focuses completely on the issues that affect the paralegal scope of practice.

I’m proud of the SCOPE contributors. These licensees write about their expertise, their struggles, their professional journeys, their organizations, celebrations and opportunities to connect.

It has been wonderful to see the paralegal community embrace SCOPE as the go-to source for the profession. This magazine satisfies the thirst for information, education and connection that characterizes paralegals. It will continue to meet that need and to grow, along with the profession — itself a mere six years old.

A Smattering of SCOPE Statistics

      • For the week ending October 6, which marked the six-month point for the magazine, SCOPE saw an average of 261 views a day
      • 33,600 Views in just over six months
      • 351 Posts
      • 77 Categories / 1,600 Tags

Top 12 Articles for This Quarter:

      • Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Religious Freedom in Ontario
      • Paralegals Plea for Clarity in Immigration Scope
      • What is competency? A train heading our way
      • By virtue of office: Commissioner of Oaths Changes
      • Provincial Offences Quiz
      • How to Choose Practice Management Software – Advice From Pros
      • Thinking of Immigration Work? ICCRC Streamlining Underway
      • Bill Would Increase Role for Paralegals
      • Paralegal Develops New Judgment Enforcement Tool
      • Justice Libman Talk at LSG – Disclosure 101
      • Turning Point: PSO Members Vote on Amalgamation
      • Look for More Law Students in POA, Small Claims Courts

The next quarter promises to be an important time for paralegals and, therefore, SCOPE.

Election season is upon us. Many are deciding whether to run for the Paralegal Standing Committee in 2014.

Significant legislation, including bills that would affect practice areas and strengthen the governance role of paralegals, are before Standing Committees of the Legislature. The two largest professional organizations are amalgamating. Lobbying efforts continue, to expand practice areas, into immigration in particular. Access to Justice initiatives that could affect paralegals provide a backdrop to many paralegal-related discussions at the federal and provincial levels.

SCOPE has provided, and will continue to give, paralegals the impartial and reliable coverage they deserve, on these topics and the day-to-day issues that affect us.

Thank you, SCOPE readers and supporters and contributors.

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  1. Remi Gaudet · ·

    Thank you Elizabeth for your contribution to the paralegal profession. Also, thank you to your contributors for their articles which often contain useful and timely information. I look forward to reading future issues of Paralegal Scope.

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