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    Isn’t it nice to be asked your opinion? Paralegal SCOPE polls ask readers a new question each week. Share your views, share the poll, and help to take the pulse of your profession. Voting is anonymous. Results will be posted in one week.

This week’s poll:


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Expanded electronic filing with courts & tribunals would increase access to justice and be good for my business.


Paralegals should be permitted to handle uncontested divorces.


I would accept Legal Aid certificates for refugee work, if this were available to paralegals.


I have already met my full CPD Hour Requirement for the year.


Fear of reprisals have kept me from reporting other licensees for conduct & competency issues.


Are Ontario paralegals ready for self-regulation?


The Law Society should not publish Tribunal decisions about paralegals.


I would definitely report another paralegal who was practising outside the authorized scope.


The Law Society has done a good job of explaining the Rules changes coming into force Oct. 1


Overall, the public has a positive opinion of Paralegals.


My student placement was useful and helped to prepare me for my legal career.


Ontario's Small Claims monetary jurisdiction should increase to at least $50,000.


Should the Law Society regulate legal referral services?


Should solicitor-client class privilege include licensed paralegals?


Licensing and regulating paralegals to provide services directly to the public ensures that people have access to high-quality legal representation they can afford.


Would you be willing to pay a higher licensing fee, to get access to your area Law Association Library?

Should Ontario require Justices of the Peace to have legal training?


Should paralegals be licensed under law societies in every province?


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