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Paralegal working online

E-Filing. So it Begins.

The province’s pilot project for e-filing small claims is live. Claims for fixed amounts can be filed online for Brampton, Oshawa, Ottawa and Richmond Hill small claims courts, through the Ministry of the Attorney General’s portal. Overdue rent, credit card debt and amounts owing under a contract are among the types of fixed claims that […]

Do I Need a Paralegal?

Faced with a potential legal issue, more and more Ontarians are hearing: “Call a paralegal.” But what is a paralegal, anyway, and why should you contact one? Paralegals are the newest members of Ontario’s legal services community. Ontario’s 7,500 or so paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) – […]

James Moak Acquires LTB Portion of Kingston Business

Paul J. Fudge, the founder and long-standing owner/operator of Paul J. Fudge Bailiff and Landlord Agent business in Kingston, has announced that the “landlord agent” operations of his business have been sold to James Moak Professional Corporation. “As many know, I have been considering semi-retirement for some time,” Mr. Fudge said. “The acquisition of the […]

A “wee” problem in Nova Scotia Small Claims

A claims court adjudicator in Nova Scotia settled the issue of whether a young man had, on a balance of probabilities, wet someone else’s bed. The Windsor Star picked up the story.

Probationary period not excluded from ESA

An Ontario Small Claims Court decision provides a timely reminder that employers and employees should take the time to properly understand their rights and obligations. In Cao v. SBLR LLP, the plaintiff claimed $25,000 in damages for wrongful dismissal. The defendant contended that because the plaintiff was dismissed for just cause during the probation period, […]

Canadian Contract Law Quiz

Contract law affects our lives every day. If you use a website, buy a car, or agree to help out a friend, you may be entering into a legally binding contract. Do you know your liquidated damages from your promissory estoppel? What effect does partial payment have on your right to collect an outstanding debt? […]

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