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Paralegal Team

Paralegals Wanted

Long-established Ontario paralegal firm requires experienced licensed paralegals to practice in Small Claims and/or POA matters. Minimum of one year field experience. Excellent communication and organizational skills are required. Candidates should submit a current verifiable resume to: recruiting@eagrelegals.com We will only contact selected candidates.

Legal Word of the Day: ‘Non Est factum’

“Non est factum” — Literally, “it is not his deed,” or “the document did not follow his hand.” This is a defence in contract law. A contract can be voided if a person who signed it can show he did so in error, as a result of misrepresentation and while mistaken as to its nature […]

Legal Word of the Day: Latent Defect

“Latent Defect” — A defect in material, workmanship and so on. A latent defect poses a liability issue if it can be shown that the seller knew about the problem and did not disclose to the buyer. Defects can be “patent,” or obvious to both vendor and purchaser, or “latent” — not obvious to either […]

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