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Report Calls for Paralegals in Family Law; Expanded Scope Possible

Ontario paralegals who earn a “specialized licence in family law” should provide limited legal services in family matters. This is in the best interests of the public. So says Justice Annemarie Bonkalo, in a long-awaited report. Released March 6, the Family Legal Services Review‘s 21 recommendations mark the first step towards opening up the Paralegal […]

Born Today? Access to Justice by College

A child born today in Canada could see equal access to justice in Canada by the time he graduates from high school. Access to justice can be turned around by 2030, according to a Canadian Bar Association (CBA) report. “Reaching Equal Justice: An Invitation to Envision and Act” says addressing the current “abysmal state” of […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Amicus Curiae”

Amicus Curiae — A “friend of the court.” An amicus curiae is disinterested legal counsel who assists the court, at the court’s request. It exists to ensure a fair trial. Justice Rosenberg said, “In its ordinary use, the term implies the friendly intervention of counsel to remind the Court of some matter of law which […]

Self-representation Boom – Problem or Opportunity?

Few words strike deep fear in the hearts of many licensees as these: “Self-Represented Litigants.” From online forms and self-help websites, to legal matter bidding wars and cut-rate rogue “legal consultants,” some see lawyers and paralegals falling victim to market forces they cannot control. An expansive recent report suggests these concerns are not flights of […]

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