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Word of the Day Quiz

How good is your legal vocabulary? If you’ve been reading Legal Word of the Day, you have likely picked up a word or two. Then there are the words you’ve added to your vocabulary through training, reading cases, attending proceedings and doing research. Check your knowledge of legal terms with this 10-question online quiz. Hint: […]

Legal Music Quiz #2 — The Second One

Law got you down? Too many regulations and not enough fun? Take a few minutes for yourself. Sit back, relax and go on a magical musical journey, a trivial pursuit of happiness, with a music quiz. Sweet dreams are made of these questions, spinning you right ’round the wild world of musical styles. legal_music_quiz_#2 Want […]

I Fought the Law… Music Quiz — and I Won!

How does that song go again? “I fought the law and the law won”? Well, now you can seek your revenge on the law, by taking it to the mat in a test of wit, logic and memory. These 20 questions cross music genres and eras. Lyrics, content, crimes and legal issues are just a […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Refugee Appeal Quiz

Certain immigration work is within the paralegal scope of practice. Refugee Appeals are within the scope. To help get a feel for the work, or test your current knowledge of the recently enacted changes, try these 10 short questions. These are based on information that can be found at the Immigration and Refugee Board of […]

Human Rights in Eritrea – Quiz

Thousands of Eritreans flee their homeland, with many choosing Canada for asylum. So many arrive here, in fact, that they have formed their own taxi association in Toronto. What are the leading factors that cause Eritreans to leave in such numbers? Human rights concerns, including a lack of religious freedom, inhumane detention conditions and fear […]

Confidence-building Contract Quiz

Contract law affects everyone. Paralegals in Ontario are licensed to represent litigants in civil actions, where the amount of the claim is less than $25,000. Scenarios in this quiz provide a broad overview of some situations that can lead to a small claims action.   What happens if Jack doesn’t water Jill’s lawn? Should singing […]

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