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Paralegal Election Delayed: LSUC News

Front row, left to right: Marie Henein, LSM; Thora H. Espinet, Lincoln Alexander Award; Gary Yee, LSM; Breese Davies, Laura Legge Award; Law Society Treasurer Paul Schabas; Sarah E. Colquhoun, LSM; Dena D. Castro, William J. Simpson Distinguished Paralegal Award; and Joanna Radbord, LSM. Back row, left to right: Grace Alcaide Janicas, J. Shirley Denison […]

Welcome to the Profession!

About 140 of the newest Ontario paralegals have been formally welcomed to the legal community. The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) feted the new licensees Dec. 3, at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. These are among the first cohort to write the beefed-up licensing exam. Robert Lapper, LSUC’s CEO, reported the next day to Convocation […]

Q&A: PSC Candidates Answer Question 9

SCOPE presents the ninth in a series of Q & As for the PSC Election 2014. All answers are posted at the same time. Candidate names are rotated from time to time, to ensure “alphabetical fairness.”   Question 9: What makes you unique, as a Candidate? What sets you apart?   Cathy Corsetti With such […]

Official LSUC Voting Guide – It Lives!

The official voters list and related information is now available at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s website. All 25 Candidates have listed their biographies and Election Statements. The Law Society has added more detail about the voting process, which begins March 12 at 9 a.m. and ends March 31 at 5 p.m. Qualified voters […]

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