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Paralegal Election Delayed: LSUC News

Front row, left to right: Marie Henein, LSM; Thora H. Espinet, Lincoln Alexander Award; Gary Yee, LSM; Breese Davies, Laura Legge Award; Law Society Treasurer Paul Schabas; Sarah E. Colquhoun, LSM; Dena D. Castro, William J. Simpson Distinguished Paralegal Award; and Joanna Radbord, LSM. Back row, left to right: Grace Alcaide Janicas, J. Shirley Denison […]

Brian Lawrie – Election Statement

When elected, I will focus on the following items:   Maintain regular communication between the PSC and licensed paralegals. Develop ways to increase public and potential paralegal employer awareness of the role, relevancy and availability of the licensed paralegal to work within the legal and lay environments. Establish strict and uniform paralegal education standards to […]

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