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Paralegal Karen Fair

Civil or Tribunal Remedy for Human Rights Breach?

Paralegal Karen Fair summarizes a case in which an application was dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) reiterates jurisdiction rules in Toker v. 1044765 Ontario Inc., 2014 HRTO 1159 (CanLII). The tribunal found that, where an applicant makes the same claim regarding human rights violations requesting the same […]

Summary or Indictment? It Matters!

Paralegal Candidate Karen Fair summarizes a recent appeal, in which a matter was sent back to Ontario Court of Justice, over a jurisdictional issue. A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision considers the jurisdictional differences between the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice when it comes to criminal summary conviction proceedings. […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Jurisdiction”

“Jurisdiction” – Specific right, power or authority given to an adjudicator, to decide a legal matter.   Jurisdiction is an integral part of the justice system. If an adjudicator makes a decision outside the jurisdiction for the matter, that “jurisdictional deficit” means the decision is subject to appeal or review. There are limits to adjudicative […]

Judicial Review of Coroner’s Ruling in Shooting Inquest

The family of a man shot by police has filed an application for Judicial Review of a coroner’s ruling, to Ontario Divisional Court. Last week, the Minty family’s lawyers asked that presiding coroner Dr. William Lucas’s pre-inquest ruling be quashed. The Application, pursuant to sections 4 and 6(2) of the Judicial Review Procedure Act, RSO […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Estreat”

Estreat — To enforce a recognizance that has been forfeited, by means of an extract of the record in which fines or recognizances are laid down. Related Cases: This case deals with bail estreats under ss. 770 and 771 of the Criminal Code of Canada. R. v. Prévost, 2005 CanLII 33296 (ON SC) “The Crown […]

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