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Wheeling & Dealing, Doctrines & Thresholds: Recently at CanLII

CanLII and CanLII Connects are free Canadian legal information sources. They reach a wide audience of legal services providers, law students and the general public. Paralegal Scope maintains a CanLII Connects page and was among the first legal information providers to embrace the service. Here are a few recently reported cases and CanLII Connects summaries […]

Colin Lachance

Get Connected: Case Law for Paralegals

Legal Word of the Day: ‘Non Est factum’

“Non est factum” — Literally, “it is not his deed,” or “the document did not follow his hand.” This is a defence in contract law. A contract can be voided if a person who signed it can show he did so in error, as a result of misrepresentation and while mistaken as to its nature […]

* Saturday * Raising the Bar — Substantially

A challenging Continuing Profession Development (CPD) event slated for October will provide licensees with substantive information relevant across a broad range of practice. George Brown, CEO of George Brown Professional Corporation, and Director and Secretary of the Ontario Paralegal Network, says the all-day Raising the Bar Substantially CPD starts with an in-depth analysis of contract […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Vitiate”

“Vitiate” — Reduce or diminish the effect or enforceability of an agreement or consent — in whole or in part. Where duress, threats and the like were used to gain acceptance to the terms of a document or contract, the effect will be to vitiate that agreement. Certain circumstances may vitiate consent to a sexual […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Parol Evidence”

“Parol Evidence” — Verbal evidence that is inadmissible to vary or contradict the terms of a complete written contract. Relevant case: Corey Developments Inc. v. Eastbridge Developments (Waterloo) Ltd., 1997 CanLII 12254 (ON SC), Corey Developments Inc. v. Eastbridge Developments (Waterloo) Ltd., 1997 CanLII 12254 (ON SC) This case iterates exceptions to the parol evidence […]

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