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Paul Dray Retires from Paralegal Standing Committee

A standing ovation punctuated paralegal bencher Paul Dray’s last meeting at Convocation, Feb. 27. Dray is not running for re-election to the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC), so the Feb. 27 Convocation was his last. Speeches and a legal all-star luncheon helped to send the long-serving paralegal off in style. Treasurer Tom Conway spoke to Convocation […]

Ian Wilkinson – Election Statement

Regulating non-lawyers to provide legal services is a bold initiative and unique in the world. Paralegals in Ontario are/will be setting the standard throughout the country and internationally. Other jurisdictions will look to us as a model. Our representatives will help shape how our profession is seen by lawyers and the public. Many eyes will […]

Paula Callaghan – Election Statement

As a newcomer to the paralegal profession, I am aware of the difficulties facing both practising paralegals and new graduates. If elected, I will commit to examining the paralegal scope of practice and will advocate for the educational reforms necessary to achieve expansion. I believe that the profession cannot expand into new areas of practice […]

Robert Burd – Election Statement

I am seeking the honour of re-election to the PSC. I have been a paralegal for 23 years. Four members of my family are paralegals. I have been involved in paralegal organizations at an executive level since the mid-90s. I have played an important part in paralegal regulation throughout my career. It takes a serious […]

Cathy Corsetti – Election Statement

Why “X” CATHY CORSETTI for Re-election? I understand clearly what the role requires, and what it takes to expand and promote the paralegal profession. It was a privilege to be elected in 2010 and to chair the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC). I want to continue to represent paralegals and be a strong voice. During my […]

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