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Do I Need a Paralegal?

Faced with a potential legal issue, more and more Ontarians are hearing: “Call a paralegal.” But what is a paralegal, anyway, and why should you contact one? Paralegals are the newest members of Ontario’s legal services community. Ontario’s 7,500 or so paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) – […]

Legal Word of the Day: “Notary”

“Notary” – In Ontario, notaries verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine. They are also able to administer oaths. Paralegals and lawyers in Ontario are not automatically notaries public. Paralegals and lawyers are, however, by virtue of office, Commissioners of Oaths — able to administer an oath to an identified […]

Commissioner of Oaths Changes – CPD

Paralegal SCOPE contributor, paralegal Judit Schonwald, participated in the live webinar June 7, that explained Commissioner of Oaths changes. Starting July 1, paralegals are commissioners of oaths by virtue of office. For those who were unable to register, here is an overview of the information. It seems that we, as a profession, are making progress […]

Legal Professionals

By Virtue of Office: Commissioner of Oaths Changes

Starting July 1, paralegals will no longer need to apply to be appointed Commissioners for Taking Oaths. A new regulation will designate licensed paralegals as commissioners for taking affidavits by virtue of office. All licensed paralegals will be able to take affidavits without having to apply for a commissioner appointment and paying an appointment fee. […]

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