Tablet Impact on Award – Tech Change for Courts

Law practice tools

Law practice tools

Legal Feeds reports that some judges and lawyers have successfully introduced devices, such as iPads, into trial proceedings. Lagging legal system technology has been a complaint for years; Attorney General John Gerretsen acknowledged the slow pace, when he spoke at an LPA/PSO-sponsored event, Dec. 2.

One lawyer in London, Ont., said a tablet helped to secure an award for a personal injury client, Dec. 3.

“I’ve been looking for the opportunity to try it out,” Daniel Mailer, of Cram & Associates, told the Law Times.

Mailer used his iPad while representing a child dog-bite victim. The day before, he called court services to advise them about his plan. Court staff made a TV screen available the next day, so he could connect to his iPad.

Superior Court Justice Ian Leach awarded $60,000 in general damages, an amount Mailer says is above the normal range of $25,000 to $35,000 for facial scarring from a dog bite. He said the graphic images displayed on a large screen, through the iPad, had a great impact. Mailer said apps that facilitate presenting images via a portable tablet will make a difference in court.

The report notes that a trial project starting this month in Toronto will allow anyone with an internet connection, a device, and an invitation to a secure platform, to view the proceedings as they happen. This offers immediate access to court transcripts and allows experts and clients to participate without being present. It also means less equipment to haul around, for court reporters.

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