Supreme Leave: Appeal Decisions for March 26


Supreme Court leaves to appeal to be released Thursday include:

  • Criminal law: Does the Criminal Code require reasonable and probable grounds to believe that an offence has been committed before a production order may be issued pursuant to s. 487.012? – Svyatoslav Fedossenko v. Her Majesty the Queen
  • Gladue Principles: Did sentencing judge fail to consider First Nations experience in declaring Cree man a “Dangerous Offender”? – Andy Harold Peekeekoot v. Her Majesty the Queen
  • Human Rights: Crown immunity for contempt – Ali Tahmourpour v. Canadian Human Rights Commission, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Charter s. 2 Rights: Does labour arbitration jurisdiction pose a restriction of the presumed jurisdiction of inferior tribunals to decide constitutional questions? – Minister of Justice, Solicitor General of the Province of Alberta v. Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Government of Alberta
  • Administrative Law: What principles and objectives should inform provincial and territorial commissions across Canada in assessing sanctions? – Alberta Securities Commission v. Gayle Marie Walton
  • Insurance Law: Third party action against insurer for coverage under policy’s Family Protection Endorsement – Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited/ Compagnie d’Assurance Scottish & York Limitée v. Clement Drover, Eileen Drover
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