Sounds Too Good to Be True? Check for Fraud


Out of the blue, a prospective client sends an email asking you to help with a debt collection. They need help, fast, and are prepared to pay extra for the last-minute work. The debtor pays in full, right after you send a letter. What easy money for little effort, you think, as you write a cheque to the client.

But all that glitters… That cheque was fraudulent and the paralegal will be left with a shortfall in the trust account.

If you are not cautious, you may fall for this classic bad cheque scam. Licensees have been duped by this con, tricked into wiring real funds from trust accounts after depositing a fake cheque received as payment from a supposed debtor who is part of the scheme.

Through PracticePro, LawPro, a provider of professional liability insurance for lawyers and paralegals, maintains a list of fraud alerts. Its “Avoid a Claim” blog lists 20 new fraud warnings from July.

These include reports of emails related to commercial debt collection, business loan collections and breach of copyright.

PracticePro’s “Avoid a Claim” blog lists current fraud alerts, and provides tips on the warning signs of a scam.

PracticePro provides risk management, claims prevention and law practice management information.

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