Seasonal Salutations – Euphoria! Euphoria!

What if lawyers wrote Christmas songs? A plain language advocate came up with some possibilities a few years back. See if you can make out this carol.

chr-lites-blue-Thomas Tolkien

          We are desirous of extending to you
          by way of seasonal salutation, in
          respect of which we undertake to
          convey by means including but not
          limited to speech, writing, hand
          signals, electronic devices and other
          and any information conveyances in
          existence now and in the future, a
          sanguine and unrepining saturnalian
          season and a euphoric neologian
          period of not less than but not more
          than twelve (12) months, including
          such adjustment as from time to time
          may be necessitated by leap years
          where appropriate.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

More holiday-ese from Neil James and the Plain English Foundation:

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