SCOPE Connects with CanLII

Word cloud, based on feedback from a Canlii survey in 2012.

Word cloud, based on feedback from a CanLII survey in 2012.

Paralegal SCOPE Magazine is among a select group of contributors to a new content area at CanLII — the Canadian Legal Information Institute. CanLII Connects provides context, case summaries and commentary on the repository of legal cases listed with the free service.

Launched April 4, CanLII Connects draws on the goodwill of the legal community to share their insights on Canadian case law.

Legal information providers will prepare and share summaries and commentary on decisions of Canadian courts. Through this initiative, legal professionals, students and the public will find multiple thoughts about a single case in one place, at the same time, at no charge to the user; the content is directly linked to the full text of each case.

Connecting Seekers with Case Law Context

CanLII Connects is launching with nearly 27,000 documents. They cover cases from 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

Contributors include national law firms, major regional firms, academics, leading practitioners and legal bloggers, research specialists, commercial publishers and law societies. These contributors were invited by CanLII to help launch the content enhancement.

Contributions are accepted from those with a demonstrated capacity for legal analysis.

The goal is for the broader legal community to work with CanLII to make it faster and easier for legal professionals and the public to connect with high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions.

SCOPE contributions will focus on decisions related to the paralegal scope of practice, including Human Rights and other tribunal decisions, municipal law, civil cases, Provincial Offences and summary criminal decisions.

Free Law Access Contribution

CanLII is a non-profit organization created and funded by 14 member provincial and territorial organizations within the Federation of Law Societies. It is part of an international Free Access to Law movement.

Last October, the Law Society of Upper Canada announced that Ontario Reports decisions would be added to the CanLII collection, boosting the free resource by 25 per cent.

Colin Lachance, President and CEO of CanLII, said the Law Society made the single-largest one-time addition to the CanLII database. Some 15,000 leading and reported Ontario court decisions are to be available.

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