Robert Burd – Election Statement


I am seeking the honour of re-election to the PSC.

    I have been a paralegal for 23 years. Four members of my family are paralegals. I have been involved in paralegal organizations at an executive level since the mid-90s. I have played an important part in paralegal regulation throughout my career.

    It takes a serious time commitment to serve on the PSC. My paralegal firm allows me the time it takes to be effective. During these past four years, I have built relationships with LSUC staff and lawyer benchers. These relationships are based on mutual respect and recognition of the effort I put in.

    I am prepared for meetings, with valid submissions. This relationship-building will be crucial down the road, when paralegals push for an expanded scope of practice.

    Serving on the PSC is not about fame or financial reward. I serve on the PSC to secure and preserve the paralegal profession.

    I have never lost sight of the fact that it was my paralegal peers who elected me and trusted me to represent them. They know I will argue, vote and make decisions on issues with the best interests of the profession, and the public, in mind. I have remained true to my ideals and will continue to do so.

    Looking ahead, I hope to make the work of the PSC more transparent to the paralegals it represents at the Law Society. Too often, a lack of communication from our governing body contributes to concerns paralegals raise.

    Expanding the scope of practice should be on every candidate’s list, but this can only happen if the accompanying issue of education is addressed. There is a triad – LSUC, accredited colleges, and paralegal organizations – that must work together closely and communicate effectively, so that new licensees can secure a place in those areas of practice where there is demand and opportunity.

    If re-elected, I promise to continue to do all that I can for our profession, while maintaining my fiduciary responsibilities to the Law Society. |




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