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Five paralegals will be elected to the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) this spring. All five will become benchers, sitting on Convocation — the “Board of Directors” for the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Another difference between this election and the last, is that Candidates and voters now have an online publication available, which is devoted to covering all things that matter to them. In this history-making election, doing justice to the election coverage will take time and skill. That is where SCOPE, with its dedication to unbiased reportage and large, paralegal-focused readership, comes in.

Anyone can take a couple of minutes to slap together a LinkedIn or Facebook page, invite Candidates and anyone else to join in conversations, and leave it at that. I believe Candidates and voters deserve better.

Expecting Candidates to spend hours scrambling to keep up with the free-for-all these groups become does not strike me as fair. Expecting voters to wade through the muck to learn anything of importance, does not seem fair. It is more likely to turn-off voters, which is the worst of all outcomes.

For these reasons, I continue to offer fee-based Listings for Candidates, as first announced December 16.

Candidates’ Page Highlights:

Posting a Candidate’s Statement and biography:

    The fee is $50 a month, or part of a month, to have one or both, along with the candidate’s photo, published at a special Election Page at SCOPE. The order in which Candidates’ statements and biographies appear on the page will be rotated.
    There are no hidden fees — no membership costs, no subscription fees — to list at the page, or to read the page, or to read any other content at SCOPE.
    The Candidates’ Page is a nonsense-free zone. Voters will have a chance to see the Candidates’ positions, in a fair and responsible way. No interlopers. No muckrakers. Comments are vetted and edited.
    Candidates may update their posting, and add links to additional information and resources.

Q & A with candidates:

    Carefully crafted questions for candidates will be posted at SCOPE. These will be developed by SCOPE, with no hidden agendas.

    Candidates who are listed at the election page may send SCOPE their answers; answers will be posted all at once. Candidates will be given a maximum word length for the responses. There is no additional fee for this service.

SCOPE will attempt to promote and cover all-candidate events.

    Candidates or organizations must include the date, time, location, sponsoring organization, any cost to attend (including membership fees), and any restrictions on attendance. There is no cost to promote an election event.


Contact me to get listed, or to get a quote on any other legal work, writing, editing or sponsorship opportunities:

Best of luck to all the Candidates! Let’s give paralegals the information they need to get involved and vote for the next Paralegal Standing Committee.

    – Elizabeth LeReverend
    Paralegal, SCOPE Publisher
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