Nov. 26 – Record Suspensions/Parole CPD

LSG College  of Law

LSG College of Law

LSG College of Law presents a CPD course for paralegals who want to add Record Suspension (Parole) to their field of practice.

Andrea Sesum, LSG founder, says many paralegals are not aware they can represent clients before the Parole Board of Canada. This course will give paralegals the basic information they need, to be able to represent people who want a record suspension to facilitate such things as travel outside Canada.

The 12-hour Certificate Course explores the fundamentals of appearing before the Parole Board. It has been LSUC-approved for 2.5 Professional and 9.5 Substantive CPD Requirement Hours.

Topics covered include: defining parole and record suspension; parole purpose and effectiveness; different types of parole; parolees’ responsibilities; ethical issues related to providing this service; advocacy before the Parole Board of Canada; and appealing decisions to the Board’s Parole Hearing Tribunal.

Training for the post-licensing certificate course is presented in four three-hour sessions, starting Nov. 26. The fee is $250 plus HST. Senior paralegal and instructor, Frank Alfano, will teach this course.

According to the Parole Board of Canada, record suspensions allow people to have their criminal record kept “separate and apart” from other criminal records. Suspensions are available for those who were convicted of criminal offences, completed their sentences and demonstrate they are law-abiding citizens.

Under the Criminal Records Act, the Parole Board may order, refuse to order, or revoke record suspensions for convictions under federal acts or regulations. During the year 2011–2012, 3,270 paroles were granted, for a rate of 92 per cent.

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Learn more about LSG College of Law and other certificate courses for licensees, at its website.

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  1. Accurate and unbiased reporting is necessary for any public media.

  2. How can this course be promoted as a CPD Course when approval is still pending by LSUC?

    1. That is a valid point, Ben. I’ve made two changes, to ensure there is nothing misleading. I hope to be able to change it back to “CPD” when it is approved.

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