Ranting & Raving: Post Guidelines

Image: crosa

Image: crosa

It’s not all sweetness and light out there.

Certainly, there is a need to hear about networking events, legislative changes and pleasant news. But harsh realities face paralegals, too. Ignoring these would be a disservice.

With that in mind, the Ranting & Raving category of SCOPE is a place for us to raise respectfully dissonant voices, to sound off about annoyances, to point out things we’d like to see changed.

Had a bad experience in court, with a client, a colleague, opponent, product or service? Got a gripe with a policy? Seen something that seems to place paralegals in a negative light? These are the types of issues to bring to the Ranting & Raving section of SCOPE.

Common sense and the rules regarding professionalism should guide the content of submissions. No name-calling, no bullying, no unsupportable accusations, please. As with all content submitted, material that is accepted will be edited; Paralegal SCOPE reserves the right not to publish any submission.

An ideal article will clearly outline a problem and suggest ways to address it, or ask for suggestions on how to accomplish that.

Something on your mind? Send submissions to:


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