PSC Election Services at SCOPE


SCOPE offers Candidates a safe and respectful venue in which they can tell voters more about themselves and their positions.

Services currently available:

Editing election material, for websites and mail-outs:

    The fee is $50 for 350 words.

Election Statement, biography, Q & A:

    New Meet the Candidates listing, and participation in Candidates’ Q & A for Feb. 23-28: $50.

    New March 1 – 31 listing and Q & A: $150

    The order in which Candidates’ statements and biographies appear on Meet the Candidates, and in Q & A postings, are rotated from time to time. These posts will stay up until after the election results are announced, or until the candidate asks that it be removed.

    This rate is subject to change.

    The Candidates’ Page is a nonsense-free zone. Voters will have a chance to see the Candidates’ positions on various issues, in a fair and respectful way, with no interlopers or muckrakers muddying the waters.
    Candidates may add links to additional information and resources, within reason.

Contact me to get a quote on banner ads and other sponsorship opportunities:

Best of luck to all the Candidates! Let’s give paralegals the information they need to get involved and vote for the next Paralegal Standing Committee.

    – Elizabeth LeReverend
    Paralegal, SCOPE Publisher


  1. Daniel Foster · ·

    You are a great entrepreneur Elizabeth and you are doing our profession a great deal of good! Keep up the good work!

    – PS Note: Daniel Foster is a candidate in the PSC election, 2014

  2. Cathy Corsetti · ·

    This coverage is history in the making! Lawyers don’t have scope, glad we do!

  3. Elaine Page · ·

    Good for you!!

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