PSC Election Results – Five Benchers


Results of the Paralegal Standing Committee Election:
  • Marian Lippa
  • Cathy Corsetti
  • Robert Burd
  • Michelle Haigh
  • Brian Lawrie

Congratulations to the five new benchers!

Four of the five supported Paralegal SCOPE, by using the Election service, Q&As and advertising. Candidates who used the service ensured that a fair and impartial media is available for paralegals — not just during the election, but year-round. SCOPE will continue to cover Convocation, reporting on PSC and other committees that affect the scope of practice and all matters relevant for the profession.

Quick Facts About the PSC:
  • A legislative amendment that passed last December means that all five elected PSC members are benchers, members of Convocation, with full voting rights. This is the first time since 1970 that the number of LSUC benchers has increased.
  • The Law Society has regulated paralegals since 2007; some 5,600 paralegals are now under its governance. The change in bencher makeup is among the recommendations in an independent five-year review (the Morris Report), which also found that the regulation of paralegals by the Law Society was a “remarkable success.”
  • Paralegal benchers are elected to act on behalf of the public. They are part of the Law Society of Upper Canada, which exists to protect the public interest by ensuring that lawyers and paralegals meet standards of learning, competence and professional conduct that are appropriate for the legal services they provide.
  • The role of committees is not to make policy, but to assist Convocation in doing so.
  • Committees identify all reasonable policy options and implications to inform Convocation’s decisions.
  • The Paralegal Standing Committee, like all Law Society policy committees, develops policies related to the governance of licensed paralegals in Ontario, for recommendation to Convocation. This involves all members of the committee: the five paralegals, the five lawyers and the three lay members.
  • Elected PSC members will start to serve with the April 2014 PSC meeting and Convocation, for a four-year term.
Committee members will get down to business to consider issues including these, from past Convocations:

Convocation Decisions, 1998 — 2014

Photo: LSUC

Photo: LSUC


  1. What percentage of licensed paralegals voted in the bencher election?

    1. Details are published at SCOPE, and updated today:

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