Protecting the Public: Law Help Ltd. Shut Down

A Superior Court injunction has shut down a referral business that had been operated by a failed paralegal applicant. The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) obtained a permanent injunction in November, against Giuseppe (Joe) Alessandro, and Law Help Ltd.

The Law Society Act gives the LSUC authority to prosecute those who practise law or provide legal services unlawfully. Only lawyers and paralegals licensed by the Law Society can provide legal services directly to the public. Illegal practitioners put the public at risk.

Pursuant to S. 26.1 of the Act, the Alessandros and Law Help Ltd. are restrained from providing legal services directly or indirectly to the public, and from owning, operating or managing any referral business related to the provision of legal services. They may not enter into agreements that are related to legal services with lawyers or paralegals.

The respondents have been ordered to remove their website from the internet, destroy promotional material, and to stop advertising jobs and legal referral offers on the internet. They are ordered to stop using phone numbers and an email address associated with Law Help Ltd., for legal services. The Law Society is authorized to take possession of client-related material and property at the Law Help Ltd. offices. The respondents may not solicit legal clients in Ontario courthouses.

Law Help Ltd. had operated a business on Eglinton Ave. West in Toronto. The property is leased-out to a licensee, according to the injunction.

Joe Alessandro had applied for a “grandfather” paralegal licence when regulation came in. The application was denied, after a Good Character Hearing. A 2009 Hearing Panel cited convictions for fraud, forging documents, attempting to obstruct the course of justice, and unauthorized practice as a barrister and solicitor. In 2010, his appeal was dismissed by a panel, after a six-day hearing.

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Giuseppe Alessandro v. Law Society of Upper Canada, 2009 ONLSHP 73 (CanLII)

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  1. Then who is operating at 2681 Eglinton Ave W now? LAW DEFENDERS is exactly how Joe used to do business, even the web site which operates on the premise that they provide “referral service” for clients, and they work with a team of licensees.

    1. I had contacted the Law Society about Mr. Alessandro continuing his operation however they never contacted the police, all they were concern about was protecting the law society which was getting the permanent injunction and not helping the public. The Law Society has failed on numerous of occasions to report criminal activity by paralegals, lawyers and people claiming to be a referral service. Shame on you Law Society of Upper Canada, you guys should do the right thing and report Mr. Alessandro to the police so he gets locked up, I think that’s the only solution to stop his scumbag.

  2. jabbar · ·

    Back in May of 2014, I paid law help $5000.00 to fight my two charges and yet they have not provided me with a copy of my contract. I never knew they were not licensed to practice law. Is there anything I can do to get some of my money back since it was an alibi situation. Thank you.

  3. Kadeem Weekes · ·

    I’ve also paid money to law help in order to represent me in court for automobile reasons and I was also told by them to not go to court on the court date, which kind of puzzled me. In the end I was left with a bad driving record which was my first offence ever and 3300 dollars in fines, now i’m trying to figure out if i was ripped off and will my driving record ever get back to normal.

  4. Marc Levy · ·

    Thanks, Elizabeth and SCOPE, for bringing this to my attention.

    I see that on November 4, 2014, after this article was published, a permanent injunction was ordered. It mirrors much of the content of the interim injunction, but differs in some ways (including the $30,000 in costs ordered against Giuseppe Alessandro personally, the deadline for which is approaching). You can find it at the injunctions link in the article above, or directly here:

    1. Thanks for the update, Marc. I will add the link to the permanent injunction to the article, so the public, and paralegals, can protect themselves to some extent.

  5. How do I get my money back which I paid to Law Help to represent me in court?

    1. Kashif — You may wish to seek legal advice from a paralegal or lawyer who is familiar with the issue of services that were paid for and not provided. Here is the link to the Law Society’s Referral Service. That referral business was not operated by lawyers or paralegals. Choosing a licensed legal services provider gives you more protection and more options if things go wrong.

    2. I’m glad that Giuseppe (Joe) Alessandro and his mickey mouse operation known as ”Law Help ltd.” has been crippled and put out of business. I had paid Law Help ltd. thousands of dollars to represent for traffic matters and they didn’t provide they services, they plead me guilty to charges without notifying me and I was not made aware at anytime until I made inquires myself. I was surprised that Mr. Alessandro was back in operation even after his efforts trying to obtain a paralegal was denied. I had tried getting some of my monies through the Law Society Compensation Fund however I was informed that I was eligible to receive any money back and that my best course of action is to litigate a lawsuit against Mr. Alessandro.

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