Professional Misconduct – Paralegal Suspended


Toronto paralegal Tadesse Gebremariam has been suspended after a Tribunal panel found he had engaged in professional misconduct. The suspension is to take effect when he has satisfied conditions in a July, 2012 decision. He is indefinitely suspended, under that previous order. Gebremariam has two years to pay a costs award of $15,000 to the Law Society.

The Law Society Tribunal – Hearing Division found that in 2011, the paralegal had:

  • Failed to treat the tribunal and other licensees with candour, fairness, courtesy and respect while acting in several Highway Traffic Act matters
  • Failed to co-operate with a Law Society investigation into his conduct by failing to respond to Law Society correspondence
  • Failed to pay the costs ordered by the Law Society hearing panel in relation to Application PCN40/12

The Decision and Order, dated September 02, 2014, is available at CanLII: Law Society of Upper Canada v. Gebremariam, 2014 ONLSTH 165 (CanLII).

Windsor Licensing Application Dismissed Again

In another matter, John Charles West, who first applied for a Paralegal Licence under the grandfather system in 2007, has been turned down after his third hearing. West has filed an appeal.

Last January, a Law Society Appeal Panel found that a new hearing should be held. The applicant had asked that a licence be granted.

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