Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! Contingency Planning CPD, Oct. 28

Photo: LaurMG

Photo: LaurMG

What steps can paralegals take, to protect their clients and their practice, if they must take a break, are injured, or choose to take time off?

Preparing for both planned absences and unexpected events is an important part of practice management. The Law Society of Upper Canada has resources available that will help paralegals to make contingency plans, including a CPD coming up.

The free live webcast runs from noon to 1:30 p.m., Oct. 28. Paralegals will be introduced to such procedures as: key steps for sole proprietors; Continuing Power of Attorney forms; Last Will and Testament clauses; and sample Practice Coverage Agreements. It includes practical checklists.

To register, visit the Law Society sign-up:

The Contingency Planning Guide for Paralegals is available at:

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