Prayers, Relief & Remedies: Decisive, Persuasive Recent Cases

CanLII and CanLII Connects provide free access to Canadian legal information. The public and legal professionals can easily find high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions. See Scope’s Publisher Page for examples of good legal writing by, for and about paralegals. Here are some recent cases and summaries:

  • Filing under ESA precludes civil claims for the same issue: Polzin v Energy Limousine Inc, 2014 CanLII 34563 (ON SCSM)
  • Victim fine surcharge issue sent back to OCJ: R. v. Sharkey, 2015 ONSC 1657 (CanLII)
  • Diet doc ‘wins’ defamation suit, in six-year, $800,000 litigation that prompted the judge to reflect on the sorry state of affordable justice in Canada
  • Nunavut judge makes “fair and just” ruling to fill victim fine surcharge regulation gap, giving defendants time to pay
  • Corporate and personal liability for unpaid wages, other employment-related claims; workers are ‘creditors’ – El Ashiri v. Pembroke Residence Ltd., 2015 ONSC 1172 (CanLII)
  • Guide to using CanLII developed for self-reps
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