Person-Stops Receipts Coming in July

Starting in July, Toronto police will hand out “receipts” for the controversial practice of carding.

The police services board passed the motion April 25. The receipt idea had been on hold since January, after human rights advocates and lawyers from the Law Union of Ontario called for an end to both the stops and the documentation by police of millions of people. Information obtained during these stops is entered into Field Information Report (FIR 208) cards in a computer database.

Receipts are seen to be a way to track police stops, while the police service and the city’s auditor general investigate the practice, which civil rights groups say violates the Charter of Rights.

See the Toronto Star’s coverage here.

TPS offers advice on person-stops.

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  1. Thanks, Glynnis. I hope SCOPE readers send in photos of their local court buildings; I want to ensure the magazine covers and represents paralegals from each region of the province.

  2. Glynis Nicholson · ·

    Oh my heavens. It is nice to see a picture of my home courthouse on the front of this magazine. Fantastic!

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