Paula Callaghan – Election Statement


As a newcomer to the paralegal profession, I am aware of the difficulties facing both practising paralegals and new graduates.

If elected, I will commit to examining the paralegal scope of practice and will advocate for the educational reforms necessary to achieve expansion. I believe that the profession cannot expand into new areas of practice if paralegals are under-qualified. To do so would undermine the reputation our profession has striven to attain since regulation. I believe protecting the public interest should be in the forefront, prior to advancing an agenda of expanding scope of practice.

My commitment and dedication to our profession are what prompted me to get involved in the PSC election. I believe that access to justice for the most-vulnerable in our society cannot be achieved without paralegals.

As current Chair of the Policy Committee for the Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO), I co-authored a proposal paper on having the Legal Aid Services Act amended, to allow paralegals access to certificates within the scope of practice. I am hopeful the Law Commission of Ontario takes on this project and that changes are effected, which benefit both paralegals and the public.

When advancing or promoting any agenda, I will do so with the public and all paralegals in mind.

I have been appointed Chair of the Paralegal Education Committee for the County of Carleton Law Association, because of my well-known passion and dedication to the issue of paralegal education.

While I may not have the experience of some other candidates, I bring enthusiasm, energy and a fresh perspective. I believe a mix of new and senior paralegals would make a balanced committee, giving all paralegals fair representation.

I will adhere to all the rules and regulations of the Paralegal Standing Committee. My geographical location will not be a hindrance to my participation on committee business.

I ask for your support and your vote, so that I may dedicate myself to advancing the interests of our profession, as a PSC member and bencher, while maintaining public confidence in our profession.

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