Paralegals are not professionals?

Paralegal Tracy Mason recently discovered that the Canada Revenue Agency does not consider paralegals to be professionals, when it comes to available calculation methods.

The “quick method” of calculating GST/HST is not available for “professions,” such as lawyer, Mason found. “If the nature of the services provided is ‘legal services,’ then you cannot use the quick method.”

“We as paralegals are not classified as professionals, per se. Our industry code is not the same as lawyers, but our income structure is professional, as opposed to business income.”

The bottom line, Mason notes: “

We are professionals, but not according to CRA. We are not lawyers, but we provide legal services. Paralegals are neither fish nor fowl in the professional world of taxes.”

On the upside, Mason is considering developing a CPD event related to tax issues for paralegals.

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