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Connecting: CanLII Summaries & Commentaries

CanLII Connects is a free collection of summaries and commentaries on Canadian case law. This free resource includes decisive and persuasive cases that are relevant to the paralegal scope of practice. Contributions are accepted from those with a demonstrated capacity for legal analysis. Recent CanLII reported cases and contributions to CanLII Connects include:

  • “Intimate partners must be free to terminate a relationship without fear of abuse”: Sentence appeal dismissed
  • LAO file-peek case: damages for “Intrusion Upon Seclusion”
  • What if a decision is reasonable, but reasons are inaccurate or incoherent?
  • Can’t neatly apply legal concept of consent to assault to a theory of consent to sexual assault
  • ABCA ruling on Criminal Code s. 258(7) – Notice and proof of service
  • Deference on Ministerial Interpretations of Law
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