Paralegal Election Delayed: LSUC News

Front row, left to right: Marie Henein, LSM; Thora H. Espinet, Lincoln Alexander Award; Gary Yee, LSM; Breese Davies, Laura Legge Award; Law Society Treasurer Paul Schabas; Sarah E. Colquhoun, LSM; Dena D. Castro, William J. Simpson Distinguished Paralegal Award; and Joanna Radbord, LSM. Back row, left to right: Grace Alcaide Janicas, J. Shirley Denison Award; Michael Eizenga, LSM; Larry Chartrand, LSM; and Patrick Case, LSM.

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Paralegal Elections Delayed One Year
Paralegal Term Limits: 12-Year Max Will Affect Benchers
Year-End Tribunal Data Show Paralegals On-Par With Lawyers
Honouring the Professions: LSUC Awards
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