Paralegal Elected Law Association Treasurer

Photo: Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario

Photo: Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario

A paralegal has been elected Treasurer of the Waterloo Law Association.

Ann Marie Yantz, a paralegal and law clerk with Kelly & Co. , was elected at the April Annual General Meeting of the association. Yantz said her election to a two-year term is significant personally and professionally. “It is an opportunity to learn and to give back to the profession, which I personally believe is important for all professions.”

Two law associations in Ontario have welcomed paralegals to sit on their Board of Trustees, Yantz noted. The County of Carleton Law Association also admits paralegals. Some associations allow paralegals to pay a separate fee to use the law libraries that are maintained primarily through lawyers’ fees.

Paralegal Welcome Additions to Association

Ron Woynarski is President of the Waterloo Law Association. He said paralegals have been welcome to join the Waterloo Region Law Association since its bylaws were amended more than two years ago.

“We were pleased to receive so many applications, and pleasantly surprised when there was a contest among the paralegals to be elected to our Board of Trustees,” Woynarski said. “Ann Marie has been a wonderful addition to our Board, and in addition to being hard working and dedicated, she brings a unique perspective to many of the issues which we are addressing. As Treasurer, Ann Marie is now on the executive and will undoubtedly bring her experience and talents to the position. We encourage more paralegals to become involved.”

Yantz said her employer supported her efforts to branch out professionally. She expanded her knowledge and skills by providing Part I and Part III per diem prosecution services in Halton and Woodstock. It was talking to paralegal-supportive counsel in the Waterloo Region and surrounding jurisdictions that brought the Waterloo Law Association to her attention.
“It was with their support and encouragement that I sought election as a paralegal trustee of the Association,” Yantz said. Last May, she was elected as the first paralegal trustee.

Yantz takes part in regular board meetings and sits on various sub-committees. “My professional and personal growth is complemented by my involvement with the Waterloo Law Association ,” she said.

More Than Just Socializing

Benefits of membership in the Law Association include being able to seek assistance and mentorship from her Board colleagues. Yantz looks forward to having more paralegals involved.

“There are only 11 paralegal members of the Waterloo Region Law Association,” Yantz said. “I feel this number is far too low.”

Besides networking and mentoring benefits of Association membership, members may obtain access cards for the Frederick Street Court House in Kitchener, Yantz said. “This obviates the necessity of going through security and also provides access to the Law Library and all of its resources.”

Membership includes 24-hour access to print material and electronic resources in the law library. The Waterloo Region Law Association is the fifth-largest law association in Ontario, outside Toronto.

To learn more about becoming a member, contact the Law Library at: The annual membership fee is $150.00.

To find a law association in your area, check the County & District Law Presidents Association (CDLPA) site.

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