Ottawa Paralegals Meet, Greet and Learn

Algonquin students at Ottawa PSO event

Algonquin students at Ottawa PSO event

Contributor Jenna Schroeder, paralegal and owner of Corrective Justice Legal Service in Perth, updates SCOPE readers on recent CPD and social events in Eastern Ontario, sponsored by the Paralegal Society of Ontario.

The Paralegal Society of Ontario continues to bring Continuing Professional Development and networking opportunities that reach licensees beyond the Greater Toronto Area. This year, PSO-sponsored events have served paralegals in Windsor, London, St. Catharines and, most recently, Ottawa.

John Tzanis, president of the PSO, says the organization is “no longer a Toronto-based organization,” and its purpose is to serve all provincial paralegals.

The April 19 events in Ottawa included a CPD program focused on Practice Management, and two networking opportunities at nearby restaurants and pubs. This event allowed paralegal professionals in the Ottawa area to discuss concerns particular to their region of the province. We talked about ways we can mirror Toronto activities, such as lobbying the government. It was tremendously rewarding to have this opportunity to meet and speak with fellow licensed paralegals about our common concerns, including the future of licensing.

A second CPD and networking event took place April 20. More than 45 licensees and students attended. Speakers included Deputy Judge Daniel McGuire, Deputy Judge Lyon Gilbert, James Moak from the PSO, paralegal Robert Gill and Damon Bangma. Guests asked questions based on the procedures, ethics and planning information presented.

The PSO and Licensed Paralegals Association are discussing amalgamation. Some participants in this weekend event say amalgamation only makes sense. The paralegal profession is not taken as seriously as lawyers in Ontario. That has to do in part with the way in which both professions support one another. Changes proposed by the PSO will allow the paralegal profession to expand and support those already licensed, and those about to be licensed in Ontario.

The PSO’s Annual General Meeting is coming up May 4 in Toronto.

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