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The official voters list and related information is now available at the Law Society of Upper Canada’s website.

All 25 Candidates have listed their biographies and Election Statements. The Law Society has added more detail about the voting process, which begins March 12 at 9 a.m. and ends March 31 at 5 p.m.

Qualified voters will choose the five paralegal members of the Paralegal Standing Committee (PSC) of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Paralegals whose licences were not suspended on March 7, 2014 — the date the voters list is prepared — are eligible to vote. Voters can choose as few as one, and as many as five, of the 25 Candidates.

All voting is online. Eligible voters will get details emailed to them. Voting ends at 5 pm, March 31.

The five candidates who receive the most votes during the voting period will become benchers — full participants in Convocation, the “board of directors” of the Law Society.

You can learn more about the Candidates who support Paralegal SCOPE Magazine, and are interested in advancing the profession, at the SCOPE Q&A posts.

More Election Information:



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<li>Bill 111 Passes  -- <a href="" title="bill-111-passed " target="_blank">PSC Members Will be Benchers</a></li>

<li>Less, Less, More — <a href="" title="PL election changes" target="_blank">Paralegal Election Changes</a></li>


Visit the Candidates’ Q & A pages, to learn more about where SCOPE-supporting candidates stand on specific issues:

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    Get listed at the Candidates’ Page. Participate in the Q & A service. Read about the SCOPE election services and rates. Support SCOPE’s free content, produced on behalf of the paralegal community.

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