Non-Profits Get Ready for ONCA

Photo: Raw Distortion

Photo: Raw Distortion

A new Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) project – Get Ready for the ONCA — will help non-profits get ready for coming changes. A three-year transition period for all existing not-for-profit corporations, currently governed by the Corporations Act, is provided for in the legislation.

CLEO is launching the “Get Ready for the ONCA” project to help Ontario’s existing non-profits to understand and prepare for ONCA when it comes into force next year.

Project Manager Brenda Doner is connecting with organizations about their transition needs, finding and sharing existing materials, and planning outreach. Contact her directly at or 416-408-4420, X828. For general inquiries about the project, email:

General information is available from the Ministry of Consumer Services.

The Ministry also publishes a checklist for existing non-profits, as they ready for the coming into force of the legislation.

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