‘No Reduction’ in Scope: Treasurer Conway

Image: Canadian Medical Protective Association

Image: Canadian Medical Protective Association

Law Society Treasurer Tom Conway tweeted early today about claims that the LSUC plans to reduce the paralegal scope of practice through Access to Justice initiatives.

“It has come to my attention that a misunderstanding has arisen on social media about the TAG initiative, Conway said. “I’d like to clarify that at no time have TAG discussions involved any reduction in the status or role of paralegals.”

The Treasurer’s Advisory Group (TAG) Working Group report, presented Jan. 23, is the opus of several years’ work among many organizations. Their goal: find ways to increase the ability of Canadians to use the legal system, despite financial barriers.

In January, Law Society Treasurer Tom Conway attended a colloquium to discuss the recommendations contained in the final report of the National Action Committee (NAC) on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters.

“A Roadmap for Change” is the culmination of NAC’s five-year national examination of access to justice. Its recommendations include increasing opportunities for paralegals, and greater use of qualified non-lawyer information providers.

Treasurer Conway says the next step in the process is to develop a framework that ensures access to justice objectives are part of every business and governance aspect of the Law Society. That includes looking at paralegal regulations and scope of practice, because “rules and regulations themselves create barriers to access to justice.”

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