News You Can Use – Scope-of-Practice in the Headlines

The Supreme Court of Canada has released judgments in leave applications. Many of the cases involve issues that affect the paralegal scope of practice. These include applications to appeal cases that consider:

  • Whether the common law should be subordinate to the environmental statutory standard for liability for contamination
  • Assessment of witnesses’ credibility who suffers from mental health issues
  • What constitutional protection do Canadians have against being deprived from access to courts for breach of contract?
  • Trial judge finding that prosecution had proved essential elements of offences beyond reasonable doubt and rejecting offender’s defences – Whether Superior Court justified in intervening having regard to evidence, including on basis of principles articulated in R. v. W. (D.), [1991] 1 S.C.R. 742
  • Human rights — Civil procedure — Appeals
  • Civil Procedure — Appeals — Standard of review

    In Other Legal News…

  • B.C. woman sues ex-boyfriend for tuition after she fails class following breakup
  • Calgary defence lawyer association president jailed after dispute with judge
  • Job scam targets new grads
  • Absent analysis of facts in evidence, court cannot conclude that shot fired in rural area is a “marked departure from the conduct of a reasonable person: R. v. Batty, 2014 ONCA 620

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