News Ticker: Legal Bits & Bites – Aug. 26

  • Provocation isn’t an excuse for lawyer’s F-word email, judge says
  • Alberta Legislature may enact legislation that intrudes criminal law – provided the purpose is tied to a provincial head of power
  • UCLA law professor’s project culls “haikus” within U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
  • ABS warning in US: Small firms would be gobbled up and clients’ choice of counsel reduced
  • “The astrologer told me to” defence rejected, passport ban upheld
  • Legal self-help centers in the US are ‘vibrant and effective,’ survey suggests  
  • Maryland judge orders self-rep be given electric shock – in court!
  • New Ontario legislation related to texting while driving could lead to $1,000 fine, 3 demerits
  • Federal Court allows more latitude for refugee appeals

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